Central German Mental Health Center

Psychological interventions have emerged as highly effective treatments, and guidelines for most mental disorders include psychotherapy as a first line treatment. We will bring in our expertise to develop personalized psychological interventions, which will lead to improved outcome. Personalized treatments need to be fundamentally based on cognitive, emotional and neurobiological mechanisms and need to better respect individual parameters such as age, stage of disorder, development, and adaptation to life challenges. New statistical and data science approaches will pave this way.

Our consortium can contribute specifically to the DZP with a platform for psychological interventions, process research, and multicentre clinical trials:

  • We have established an internationally exceptional network of collaboration and expertise in psychotherapy trials conducting large, multicentre RCTs.

  • We integrate different evidence-based treatments (CBT, psychodynamic therapy), but also new mechanism-based interventions and transdiagnostic approaches that are feasible in different fields of medicine.

  • We connect basic cognitive-emotional processes of mental disorders with clinical applications. A special focus will be on processes of change and change resistance that will lead to new and adapted psychological interventions, also considering long-term maintenance, prevention of relapse3, stepped care approaches (incl. internet-based treatments) and socioeconomic perspectives.

  • Enhancement: We integrate world-leading experts on pharmacological, brain stimulation, and psychological enhancement strategies to improve psychological treatments (e.g., S.G. Hofmann), including adaptation of interventions and feed-back strategies.

  • We offer a cooperation network of psychiatric hospitals and practitioner networks for dissemination (e.g., with access to >30.000 psychiatric patients from all age groups and a network with about 200 psychotherapists from the local PSYMA network). The inclusion of 5 psychotherapy training institutes allows direct translation of new results to trainings of young psychotherapists.