Central German Mental Health Center

If you have mental problems yourself and need help, you might want to contact one of the facilities below.

The hospitals chaired by CMC faculty have a catchment area of about 1 Mio people and are the sole providers of primary mental health in-care, day-care as well as outpatient treatment in this area. In total 33.366 patients with paediatric and adult mental disorders have been treated at CMC facilities in 2019.

Mental health in-care and day-care facilities (total of 1.078 in-/day care beds) include:

CMC outpatient clinics address the entire spectrum of paediatric and adult mental disorders including nationwide referral outpatient clinics for ASD, toddlers, PTSD, anxiety disorders, and chronic depression. In 2019 22,871 outpatients were treated under direct responsibility of CMC faculty members. Outpatient clinics include: