Central German Mental Health Center

The Figure illustrates the research networking of the CMC. Faculty members currently are coordinators or work package leaders of 50 large, multicentre, national or international consortia, thematically related to mental health and the main research foci of the CMC, financed by the most prestigious research grant bodies, i.e. the DFG, BMBF, BMG and EU.


Networking within the CMC

Within the CMC the participating institutions have a long history of intimate collaboration and successful cooperation. Besides these large endeavours, there are a multitude of smaller joint projects, starting from small BSc projects, to bilateral non-funded to bilaterally, intramurally funded projects. Grant bodies are the Behring-Röntgen foundation for medical projects, the UKGM grants from the hospital, the Flexi-Fund grants from Research Campus of Central Hessen (FCMH) and and the Freunde and Förderer of the Goethe University. The IDeA Research Center, besides its research infrastructure, is a large network itself, comprising the three founding institutions (DIPF, Goethe University, and Sigmund-Freud-Institut) as well as members from research institutions in Germany and abroad. The Universities of Giessen and Marburg are contractually bound in the Research Campus of Central Hessen (FCMH) to support joint research. A major research focus is “Mind, Brain and Behaviour, united under the umbrella of the Center for Mind, Brain and Behaviour (CMBB), with all CMC faculty members being part of. At the CMBB researchers of various disciplines from Giessen, Marburg, Frankfurt and Darmstadt are collaborating across disciplines.