Central German Mental Health Center

MR brain imaging is a powerful tool that can span levels of analysis from the molecular to the cognitive-emotional process, phenotype and environment in discovering etiological pathways as well as predictors, mediators, and moderators of treatments and functional outcome. High level MR imaging, particularly with patients, requires extensive infrastructure and special methodological expertise, which is fully available at the CMC.

Our consortium can contribute specifically to the DZP with a platform for multicentre structural and functional MRI studies as well as cognitive-emotional fMRI paradigms:

  • A CMC speciality is uncovering neural correlates of cognitive-emotional processes in patients and HC using sophisticated, cognitive neuroscience fMRI paradigms with state-of-the-art analysis methods (e.g. CRC 135, CRC 289). The Giessen MRI BION institute was one of the first fMRI centres in Germany exclusively devoted to these approaches.

  • Another main strength of the CMC expertise is the integration of structural and functional MR imaging, experimental neuroscience and deep phenotyping data (multi-omics, multi-level data, e.g. RU 2107, BMBF “Mental Health Network”, from large samples to generate pathogenetic knowledge, ultimately for clinical application.

  • The CMC is one of the most experienced centres internationally in conducting well-controlled, large multi-center s/fMRI integrated in psychotherapy RCTs

  • MRI data storage and distribution: 1) supporting harmonization of scanner sequences across centres, 2) providing rapid online feedback about data quality, 3) monitoring of data-quality with phantom and human measurements across time, 4) implementation of complex experimental equipment for fMRI (e.g., passive movement device, electrodermal stimulation), 5) researchers have access to centralized, backed up storage, organized according the international data layout standards.