Central German Mental Health Center

The CMC faculty has initiated and runs, or contributed to, or has full access various cohorts of patients and healthy controls. This wealth of exclusive data is an essential prerequisite for replication of novel, exploratory findings. A selection is listed below:


Study name n Available Data
* FOR2107 >2,800 adults with SZ/BD/MDD, high risk, HC. MRT, GWAS, blood, microbiome, deep phenotyping, clinical, 2 and 5 yrs follow up
NaKo (National Cohort) 40.000 Adults with neurological and psychiatric diseases“, age 20-69; test of fluid intelligence
* ENCERT 255 adults with somatoform disorders; 4 year follow-up
* ASD-Net >2000 children, adults with ASD, age range 1-72, all IQ ranges, behavioural data
* BIPOLIFE 2.214 adults with BD, high risk (incl. DEP, ADHD), clinical, emotional-cognitive therapy (n=305), MRT (n=512), (epi-)genetics
TALIS (Video-Study for Germany) pupils:1,140
teachers: 50
pupils, age 12-19; process information about maths in school + success in learning
WiKo (evaluation of „welcome-classes“ in Berlin) headmasters,
teachers: 371
classwork implementation and success in newly immigrated pupils
* Panic-Net I 369 panic disorder/agoraphobia; clinical, Behavioral Avoidance Test (n=364), MRT (n=89), (epi-)genetics, CBT (369), 6 months follow up
* Panic-Net II 165 panic disorder/agoraphobia; clinical, behavioral, MRT (n=69), (epi-)genetics, CBT (n=165), 6 months follow up
* PROTECT-AD 726 ANX; clinical, behavioral, MRT (n=330), (epi-)genetics, CBT. 6 months follow up
SOPHO-Net (Social Phobia Psychotherapy Network) 495 social phobia pat., age 18–70; clinical data, treatment CBT / psychodynamic therapy
RELEASE (PTSD after Childhood Abuse in Adults Network) 193 PTSD adult pat., age 18-65, clinical data, two different CBT treatments
* D-CPT (PTSD after Childhood Abuse in Adolescents´ Network) 88 PTSD adolescent pat., age 14-21, clinical data, CBT vs. WL
ENIGMA (Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis): multiple subgroups BD: >3,500
MDD: >5,000
SZ: >2,900
HC: >51.000
adults; MRT, clinical data
IMAGEN 2000 European adolescents age 14 + parents; 2/4/6/ yr follow ups; MRT, genetics, clinical, cognitive + behavioral assessments
PGC (Psychiatric Genomics Consortium) > 400.000 meta- and mega-analyses of genome-wide data in ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, ASD, BD, eating disorders, MDD, OCD/Tourette syndrome, PTSD, SZ, substance use, ANX
PsyScan ~700 SZ/SZA adults, ultra-high risk subjects; MRT, DTI, clinical, cognitive, genetics, longitudinal
Children’s Worlds >100,000 children age 8-14; material, social, cultural circumstances of upbringing, and education / cognition

* indicates these studies are led by CMC faculty

There are other German cohorts that the CMC faculty has access to on request, e.g. the 1000 Brains (MRI, n=941 adults), GEDA (n=24,016 adults), KiGGS (n=15,023 children/ adolescents), SHIP (n=4,308 adults, MRI, GWAS), and many other local and international samples.