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Winfried Rief

Winfried Rief

Prof. Dr. rer. soc., Dipl.-Psych., Dept. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy , UMR, and CMBB

Current position
Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and Chair, Outpatient Clinic for Psychotherapy, UMR
Role within partner site

Relevant work experience
DFG RU 1328 on Placebo Mechanisms, coordinator
DFG CRC 289, site coordinator UMR
DFG Clinical Trials Program: ENCERT, PI, coordinator
DFG Clinical Trials Program: PSY-HEART Multicenter Trial, PI, coordinator
Study Center in various multicentre trials (DFG PROGRID; BMBF PROTECT AD; BMBF RECAP (with FR)

Professional background
Guest Professor, Harvard Medical School, Boston US
since 2001
Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and Chair, Dept. Psychology, MR
Habilitation, Univ Salzburg, Austria
Dissertation, Dr. rer. soc., University of Konstanz
Head of Psychology Department, Roseneck Hospital Prien a.Ch. (affil. with LMU Munich), lecturer University Salzburg, Austria
Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatric Hospital Rottenmünster, Rottweil
Clinical Psychologist and Research Assistant, University Konstanz and Psychiatric Hospital Reichenau

Main research foci
  • Development, maintenance and treatment of somatic symptoms, somatoform disorders, pain
  • Expectation, conditioning and further mechanisms of placebo and nocebo responses
  • Psychological treatments in mental and biomedical disorders

  • Kube T, Schwarting RKW, …, Rief W (2020) Distorted Cognitive Processes in Major Depression: A Predictive Processing Perspective. Biol Psychiatry 87(5):388-398.
  • Petrie KJ, Rief W (2019) Psychobiological mechanisms of placebo and nocebo effects: Pathways to improve treatments and reduce side effects. Ann Rev Psychol 70:12.1–12.27.
  • Schedlowski M, Enck P, Rief W, Bingel U (2015) Neuro-Bio-Behavioral Mechanisms of Placebo and Nocebo Responses: Implications for Clinical Trials and Clinical Practice. Pharmacol Rev 67: 697–730.
  • Rief W, … Wambach K (2018) Comparing the efficacy of CBASP with two versions of CBT for depression in a routine care center: A randomized clinical trial. Psychother Psychosom 87:164-178.
  • Rief W, Martin A (2014) How to use the new DSM-5 diagnosis Somatic Symptom Disorder in research and practice? – A critical evaluation and a proposal for modifications. Ann Rev Clinical Psychol 10:339–67.

Additional information
since 2012
Co-Chair Classification of Chronic Pain in ICD-11 (WHO)
DFG committees FK110, Clinical Trials