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Tilo Kircher

Tilo Kircher

Prof. Dr. med., Dept. Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, UMR, and CMBB

Current position
Professor of Psychiatry and Chair, Dept. Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Role within partner site

Relevant work experience
BMBF BIPOLIFE, WP PI Multicentre MRI imaging
BMBF PROTECT-AD, WP PI Multicentre MRI imaging
DFG RU2107, coordinator
DFG 3 T MRI tomograph, coordinator
BMBF 3 T MRI tomograph, coordinator
BMBF Panic Net I and II, WP PI multicentre MRI imaging
BMBF POSITIVE, WP PI multicentre MRI imaging

Professional background
since 2009
Professor of Psychiatry and Chair, Dept. Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, UMR
Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry and vice Chair, University Aachen
PostDoc, Institute of Psychitary, London, UK
Dissertation Dr. med., LMU Munich
Medical School Munich and UWashington, Seattle, USA

Main research foci
  • neural correlates of cognition, emotion, psychotherapy
  • aetiology of the major psychoses; gene x environment interaction
  • multicentre MRI brain imaging

  • Yang Y, …, Straube B, Kircher T (2020) Effect of CBT on Biased Semantic Network in Panic Disorder: A Multicenter fMRI Study Using Semantic Priming. Am J Psychiatry 177:254-264.
  • van Velzen LS, Kelly S, …, Kircher T, …, Schmaal L (2020) White matter disturbances in major depressive disorder: a coordinated analysis across 20 international cohorts in the ENIGMA MDD working group. Mol Psychiatry 25:1511-1525.
  • Kircher T, … Engelen J (2018) Formal thought disorders: from phenomenology to neurobiology. Lancet Psychiatry 5:515-526.
  • Straube B, …, Jansen A, …, Kircher T (2014) Neural correlates of procedural variants in cognitive behavioral therapy: A randomized, controlled multicentre fMRI study. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics 83:222-233.
  • Lueken U, Straube B, …, Jansen A, …, Kircher T (2013) Neural Substrates of Treatment Response to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia. Am J Psychiatry 170:1345-1355.

Additional information
since 2019
President elect “German Society for Biological Psychiatry”
since 2018
Member of the Senate, UMR
since 2013
Foundation board member „German Alliance against Depression“
since 2009
President “Alliance against Depression” Marburg
since 2009
Vice President “Institute for Behavioural Therapy”, UMR
Head Aachen/Jülich “Brain Imaging Center West” (BICW)
Research Prize “German Society for Biological Psychiary”
Research Prize European Psychiatric Association (EPA)
Attempto Research Prize for Excellence in Neuroscience, University Tübingen