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Katja Becker

Katja Becker

Prof. Dr. med., Dept. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (CAP), UMR, UKGM and CMBB

Current position
Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Chair and Director, CAP
Role within partner site
Representative Faculty

Relevant work experience
BMBF ESCAlife, WP PI ESCApreschool
Guideline Coordination: Suicidal Behaviour and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in childhood and adolescence

Professional background
since 2008
Professor of CAP (W3) and Chair, Dept. CAP, MR
Acting Medical Director Dept. CAP at Central Institute of Mental Health (CIMH) Mannheim (04/06-10/06), Assistant Medical Director CIMH Mannheim
Postdoctoral Lecture Qualification („Habilitation“), CIMH
Board Certification for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Dissertation Dr. med., JLU

Main research foci
  • Developmental psychiatry/psychopathology in childhood and adolescence
  • Longitudinal studies
  • Gene-environment interaction
  • Preschool ages

  • Pauli-Pott U, Becker K (2015) Time windows matter in ADHD-related developing neuropsychological basic deficits: a comprehensive review and meta-regression analysis. NeuroSci Biobehav Rev 55:165–172.
  • ans T, … Becker K, … Philipsen A (2015) Does intensive multimodal treatment for maternal ADHD improve the efficacy of parent training for children with ADHD? A randomized controlled multicenter trial. J Child Psychol Psychiatry 56:1298-1313.
  • Pauli-Pott U, … Becker K (2014) Inhibitory control and delay aversion in unaffected preschoolers with a positive family history of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. J Child Psychol Psychiatry 55:1117-1124.
  • Pauli-Pott U, …, Becker K (2013) Do different ADHD-related etiological risks involve specific neuropsychological pathways? An analysis of mediation processes by inhibitory control and delay aversion. J Child Psychol Psychiatry 54:800-809.
  • Pauli-Pott U, Becker K (2011) Neuropsychological basic deficits in preschoolers at risk for ADHD: a meta-analysis. Clin Psychol Rev 31:626-637.

Additional information
Advancement of Women Prize 2020, Kramer-Pollnow-Prize 2007, Hermann Emminghaus Prize 2007
since 2019
Chair Committee Hermann-Emminghaus-Prize
since 2013
IMPP-Delegate for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
since 2009
Managing Board Member Institute for Behavioural Therapy Institute, MR
since 2013
Spokesperson/Delegate Working Group Head of Departments for CAP, Hesse
since 2008
Full Member EUNETHYDIS (European Network of Hyperkinetic Disorders)
Managing Board Member German Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (DGKJP)