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Gudrun Schwarzer

Gudrun Schwarzer

Prof. Dr. phil. nat., Dipl-Psych., Dept, Developmental Psychology, JLU, and CMBB

Current position
Professor of Developmental Psychology, JLU
Role within partner site
Representative Faculty

Relevant work experience
DFG-ANR, BabyFaceSpeech, Giessen/Grenoble, PI
DFG RU 2107, WP PI
DFG Music and intelligence, PI

Professional background
since 2003
Professor of Developmental Psychology (W3) and Chair, Dept. Psychology and Sport Sciences, JLU
2005, 2009
Offers for Chairs in Developmental Psychology (W3/C4), University of Cologne and Saarland University (denied)
Leader of an Independent Research Group (C3), Friedrich-Miescher-Laboratory, Max-Planck Society, Tübingen
Assistant Professor (C1), University of Tübingen
Fellow at the Perceptual Science Laboratory of the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Research Scientist (Post-Doc), JWG
Dissertation, Dr. phil. nat., JWG

Main research foci
  • Development of perception, cognition, and action
  • Infant research

  • Krasotkina A, Götz A, Höhle B, Schwarzer G (2020) Infants’ gaze patterns for same race and other race faces, and the other race effect. Brain Sciences 10(6): 331.
  • Vöhringer IA, …, Schwarzer G, Knopf M (2018) The development of implicit memory from infancy to childhood: on average performance levels and inter-individual differences. Child Development 89: 370-382.
  • Lamm B, …, Schwarzer G, Lohaus A (2018) Waiting for the second treat: Developing culture-specific modes of self-regulation. Child Development 89: 261-277.
  • Schwarzer G (2014) How motor and visual experience shape infants' processing of objects and faces. Child Development Perspectives 8:213-217.
  • Schwarzer G, Zauner N, Jovanovic B (2007) Evidence of a shift from featural to configural face processing in infancy. Developmental Science 10:452-463.

Additional information
since 2018
Board member of PhD School in Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience, Biccoca University Milano, Italy
since 2014
Member of the directorate of the DFG CRC 135
Review Editor, Frontiers Cognitive Science
Editor and Co-Editor of the German Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology (ZEPP)
Speaker of the Friedrich-Miescher-Laboratory, Max-Planck Society, Tübingen
Scholarship of the German Research Foundation
Scholarship of the Volkswagen Foundation