Central German Mental Health Center

With a lifespan developmental perspective that probes normal and aberrant psychological processes at different time scales, we focus on the long-term development of cognitive-emotional processes from infancy to adulthood. We seek to identify predictive factors for disorders as well as for comorbidities, to facilitate the development of more targeted, personalized treatments. We focus on the analysis of critical transitions (birth, transitions from baby group to kindergarten to school to secondary school to vocational training/study to employment etc.) in large prospective cohort studies (including premature new-borns, babies, children, adolescents).

Our consortium can contribute specifically to a DZP with its outstanding expertise on developmental issues:

  • We have access to a continuously expanding address database of around 4.000 healthy and typically developing children from 3 months to 17 years of age. Parents of the children have agreed to be contacted in future studies.

  • Data on the typical mental development of these children can be matched to those of same-aged children with specific mental impairments. The CMC is a large provider for special outpatient clinics such as for autisms, ADHD, and behavioural problems.

  • The BMBF ASD-Net coordinated by MR encompasses a comprehensive and well characterized cohort of patients. This is the largest ASD cohort in Germany, including all age and IQ ranges and a significant number of females with ASD.

  • We provide the combination of the clinical, developmental and educational perspectives by inclusion of the DIPF and the IDeA centre with its interdisciplinary focus on risk factors of affective, cognitive, and scholastic child development during preschool and elementary school age.