Central German Mental Health Center

We have implemented large, long-term, prospective, deeply phenotyped cohort studies of patients with DEP, BD, SZ, and ASD across the lifespan on the genetic and environmental determinants and protective factors of mental health We have established comprehensive deep phenotyping platforms, with multi-level (e.g. childhood environment, structural and functional MRT, cognition, perception, emotion etc.), multi-omics (e.g. GWAS, epigenetics, immune system, microbiome, stem cells, etc.) data acquisition, storage and distribution. Participants have been followed up for 5 and more years. This extensive infrastructure and expertise will be a huge asset to the DZP.

Our large, longitudinal, deeply phenotyped patient cohorts (e.g. RU 2107 with n>2800), that have entered big, worldwide projects (e.g. PGC, ENIGMA), have resulted in breakthrough studies shaping our understanding of diagnoses and heritability across diagnostic categories. We have developed novel machine learning methods, e.g. for making use of large-scale electronic health records.

The nine CMC hospitals have a catchment area of about 0.75 (adults) resp. 1 million (children) inhabitants and are the sole providers of primary mental health in-care and day care. This is an ideal setting for large cohorts, since the population is mostly rural and comparatively stable.